I am a freelance video producer that has learned primarily through hands-on experience.  I love to explore and perfect the craft of storytelling, and collaborate with other creative minds.

BrasilFest Fundraising Video
Role: Solo Producer: Director, Videographer, Sound and Editor, 2018

CityArts Fundraising Video. 
Role: Co-Producer (Director, Videographer, Sound and Editor) alongside devon de Leña, 2018.

"Make It Last" Music Video. 
Role: Solo Producer: Director, Videographer, Sound and Editor.
Featuring Nic Masangkay and Moonyeka , 2017 

Afrobeatnik Clothing Line Promo Video.
Role: Camera Operator, 2013

Crescent Foods Promo Video with Amanda Saab
Role: Solo Producer: Director, Videographer, Sound and Editor, 2015.

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